Range Safety Officers

The following is the list of RSOs authorised to supervise shooting at the club. Please note that this list is only of the RSOs who have completed the updated training that has been implemented in 2018. Anyone who has completed a previous RSO course will need to have their training updated. The old RSO certification will continue to be honoured until Aug. 2018.

We are working on making a schedule so that the it will be easier to get a hold of RSO available for the day that you want to shoot. Please be patient as we try to comply with the new restictriction imposed by the CFO.

Brian‎ McMullen 519 576 3534
Doug Eidt 519-885-2877
Edward Benedict 519-745-4504
Eric Pearson 519-664-1239
Frank Drescher 519-766-2260
Greg Murphy 519-766-0106
Martin Bolte 519-239-4424
Matt Vanderleest 519-546-4378
Mike Cassidy 519-744-0187
Rudy Marques 519-242-6589
Sabatino Lorusso 519-576-6934
Beth Kerr 519-824-3727
Carlos Yiukay 519-888-8382
Fred Reuter 519-653-2044
Hal Botnick 416-806-6580
Jack Hinds 519-400-9351
Jamie Dinsmore 416-271-7124
Jonathan Kerr 519-824-3727
Ryan Henry 519-993-1436
Volodymyr Shnitsar 226-808-0581