April Wing Night

Happenig on SAturday the 25th of April.

Bring a friend or five.


Mar - Apr Newsletter





Orientation Courses - Update

For members that missed the courses in February, There will be two more in March on Sunday March the 15th at 1:00pm and 2:00pm


Orientation Sessions

All club members (New and Old) are required to attend one of our orientation sessions coming up in February. You will receive a new copy of the Clubs Rules and Regulations and be required to sign that you have received the orientation and a copy of the Club Rules and Regulations and agree abide by them.

Dates are as follows:

Feb. 14th 2015 - 11:00am to 12:00noon, 1:00pm to 2:00pm, 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Feb. 15th 2015 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm, 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Feb. 16th 2015 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm, 7:00pm to 8:00pm


Wing Nights


Deer Photo Contest

Got a great picture from your last deer hunt? Want to win some awesome prizes? Got just the thing for you:

Go to to submit your entry.


Jan/Feb Newsletter


BRG NEWSLETTER - Jan/Feb 2015.


Getting Started:

This newsletter is the first of many to come. Each letter will cover topics like;

1. What is new at the club?
2. Up and coming events.
3. Club monthly meeting.
4. Problems on ranges.

5. Articles written by club Members.
6. Courses being offered.

7. Requests for help from members. 

What is New?

This news letter is a new item for the club. We will keep club members informed and up to date on present and future events. It will also talk about new items such as an archery range located to the right of the 25 yard gun range. Club Range Safety Officers are another new feature for the club and the training of the officers will start in the New Year. This is covered in more detail on page 2. A series of information and interest courses on topics such as re-loading and black powder shooting are under consideration. Other topics can be added based on member interest and requests. Future events such as an iron sight and black powder shooting match will be highlighted.

Inside this issue:

This past year we started cutting grass to the right of the 25 yard range for use as an archery range. We want a group of interested individuals who would like to help come up with ideas, plans for back stops, and archery events etc. This group could meet at the club house and setup a proposal for range layout and general conditions of operation. Anyone interested can contact Barry Alford at 

These forms help us keep both track of guests and be compliant with the legal CFO guidelines as set forth by the government for all gun clubs in Canada; therefore, it is very important that they be filled out correctly. The following must be adhered to;

  1. Guest names must be printed clearly on the line marked Name of Guest.
  2. If the guest is shooting a restricted firearm and has a PAL the number must be recorded.
  3. Guest must also list their ATT number if they hold a valid PAL and bring their own firearm.
  4. Sponsoring Member must also print their name clearly and provide all required information
  5. Both the Guest’s name and Members name must be clearly printed on the tear off sheet.
  6. The fee per guest is $10.00 per visit, not for example $8.55 or $5.00.
  7. Also please ensure that all date fields and numeric fields are completed and legible.
  8. By law the club must keep a record of all members and guests using the ranges.

Range Safety Officer Course:

Thank you to all those members who expressed an interest in taking a Range Safety Officer course. The Course is currently being written to suit the needs of The Bridgeport Rod and Gun Club. This will be completed within the next month. Once we are ready to offer the course all those who gave their names will be contacted. The course will be roughly a half day long and will be offered on a weekday afternoon and a weekend morning or afternoon. Specific times will be announced early in the New Year. The course will cover the club rules as they pertain to shooting on all ranges. This will cover various aspects such as range cleanliness, correct filling out of Guest Forms, safe shooting practices and procedures, and the correct use of RED and GREEN flags as they pertain to the 100 and 25 yard ranges. All range commands will be covered such as Cease Fire, and others. These Range Officers can be on the range at any time carrying out these and other duties. 

100 and 25 yd Range Issues:

It has been noted and caught on video surveillance that members are shooting more that 5 rounds at a time and in rapid fire. The Bridgeport Rod and Gun Club Rules are very specific on this matter, NO MORE THAN 5 AT A TIME. Some firearms like the M1 Garand require their en-bloc clip to be loaded with 8 rounds in order to load the gun. Users of these types of firearms can use their own methods to comply with the club 5 round rule. Members using the 25 yard range may have noticed the top and bottom of the target backer boards are painted RED. Please note this is “a no fire, no target” zone. The backer board on the 100 yard range will soon be put up the same way. Also, shotguns firing shot are not allowed on these two ranges at anytime. If you see a shooter shooting shot on these two ranges please point this out to them and notify a range safety officer or a club director. Shotguns firing slugs however, may be used at position 4 on the 100 yard range and position 6 on the 25 yard range. 

Live Round Disposal Bins 

These well crafted bins were donated to the club by a club Member Zsolt Ori of ORI Machine Canada. Zsolt deserves a well done for his gracious and much needed contribution. Any ammunition that fails to shoot can either be placed in these bins or removed from the range by the shooter. These bins are NOT for disposal of fired brass as there are Blue Bins located on the 25 and 100 yard ranges for this. They are NOT for the disposal of incorrectly loaded reloads. If you are a re-loader and make a mistake please correct the mistake at your reloading station. DO NOT bring them to the club for disposal. For example approximately 20 rounds with an incorrectly placed primer were dropped into the bins and also a round that appeared to have a different calibre bullet inserted into a smaller calibre cartridge.

Wing Night:

We are looking at a once a month “Wing Night” Starting on February 28th. 2015, cost will be $12.00 paid in advance or $15.00 at the door. The cost is based on per pound of wings and also includes fries and a carrot/celery dip. The club door will open at 5:30pm WINGS START AT 6:00pm.

Fowl / Meat Shoot:

We have regular meat shoots every 3rd Saturday throughout the winter. Bring your 12ga shotgun take a shot at getting the most pellets on a 4"x4" target. Meat Prizes are awarded to the top scorers. Our next shoot will take place on Saturday January 17th 2015. Registration is at 11:30am and the shoot starts at 12:00noon. Come on out and have some fun, everyone is welcome.

Horseshoe League:

For the month 0f January 2015 there is a Monday to Friday Horseshoe League. There will be the following tournaments;

1. JJ Champions Saturday Jan. 10th 2015 2. JJ Champions Saturday Jan. 24th 2015

If you require more information please call the club in the evening after 6:00pm. 

Want to learn to shoot Trap?

If you are new to the sport of trap and skeet shooting and are in need of some tutoring come out on Tuesday afternoon at 12:30pm or Sunday at 12:30pm. One of our instructors will be happy to introduce you to the sport. A good time is had by all shooters. The skeet range is currently down for repairs but should be back in operation soon. We also have shooters competing in the bronze league and silver league. All are welcome to come and shoot for our club. Trap and skeet shooting is not restricted to just club members, all are welcome. 

Trap fee Schedule:

A Round of Trap is 25 Shots at 25 Birds
Member                                      $4.50
Juniors (Under 16 years)           $3.00
Guest                                         $5.50
Ammunition (if required)
Box of 25 Shots -                       $8.00 

Contact Us: 

Stay in touch with club news and events, by visiting our website at We are also on facebook
Email us at

S Penney President 519-404-9240
R Speechley      1st Vice President 519-895-1585
P Marleau 2nd Vice President 519-884-9884
B Black Secretary 519-578-3849
B Snider Treasurer 519-603-0466
D Snider Membership 519-603-0466
B Alford Archery, RSO, ATTs 226-820-3002
B Kennedy Outside Property 519-658-5659
D Kurt Trap & Skeet, Sergeant at Arms 519-886-6509
F Nahls Horseshoes 519-653-7974
F Reuter Bookings, Ways & Means 519-653-2044
G Lippert   Entertainment 519-745-8945
J Lee Trap & Skeet 519-893-5289
J Salisbury Range Operator, Handgun, ATT 519-743-4748
M. Cassidy Trap & Skeet 519-744-0187
O Sharma Communications, Handgun, Archery                   519-573-2446
P Marleau Baseball 519-884-9884

Club Meetings & New Members:

All club meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month unless otherwise noted on the website Any person wishing to join the Bridgeport Rod & Gun club must attend one of these meetings, with a properly completed and legible membership form. All new members are subject to a probation period. Check the club Rules and Regulations for a description of the probation period. The new rules and regulations will be posted on the web site in Late January or early February and all members will be given a copy at the club orientation sessions in February, dates are listed to the right. 


All club members are required to attend one of our orientation sessions coming up in February. You will receive a new copy of the Clubs Rules and Regulations and be required to sign that you have received the orientation and a copy of the Club Rules and Regulations and agree abide by them.

Tentative dates are as follows;
Feb. 14th 2015 - 11:00am to 12:00noon
                           1:00pm to 2:00pm
                           2:30pm to 3:30pm 

Feb. 15th 2015 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
                          2:30pm to 3:30pm 

Feb. 16th 2015 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
                          7:00pm to 8:00pm 


Bridgeport Rod & Gun Club Deer Photo Contest:

Open to all members of Bridgeport Rod & Gun that have legally harvested Deer in 2014. Please go to or drop a photo off to Veronica at the bar. Your face included in the photo, is preferred but not mandatory. You may enter multiple categories but only one photo per category will be accepted.

Please include:

  • Your Name

  • Phone Number

  • Category Entering

  • Weight or approx. weight

  • Photo

    No photos will be accepted after Jan. 31st, 2015. The directors will vote on photos submitted and make the winning selections’ at the Feb. 3rd 2015 directors meeting. Winners’ names will be posted on the Club Website. The winners will be presented their gift cards at the March 3rd 2015 general meeting by the clubs President Mr. Sherman Penney.

Categories this year are:

  • Best Buck - $50.00, gift card from

  • Juniors - $50.00, gift card from SAIL

  • Archery. - $50.00, gift card from The Gun Centre

There is also one $25 gift card from Shooters Choice and one $25.00 gift card from Sail that will be drawn randomly from all the photos submitted.

Please Support the businesses that have graciously supported this contest: