Bridgeport Rod & Gun

Club Rules 

  • Ranges are to be used only by members or guests accompanied by a member.
  • All persons using the ranges MUST sign in using the sheet provided.
  • Your Club Membership Card MUST be with you while using the range. Failure to show your card will result in you having to leave the range.
  • When more that one person is on the range, one person shall be designated as range officer. The range officer shall be responsible for all activities on the range.  Anyone engaged in unsafe activities may be expelled from the club by the range officer. Any unsafe activity must be reported to the club executive.
  • All firearms transported to this club must be transported according to Provincial and/or Federal regulations.
  • Firearms may only be brought onto the range when the the shooter is equipped with eye and ear protection.
  • Firearms are not to be handled during a cease fire, and no one shall cross the CEASE FIRE LINE.
  • Any firearms requiring maintenance shall be removed from the firing line to  the designated safe area.
  • ALL persons at the firing line must keep the muzzle of his/her firearm pointed down range.
  • No person shall place themselves ahead of the designated firing line when the range is active.
  • When shooting no more than five (5) cartridges are allowed in the magazine or cylinder unless it is during an approved event.
  • Shoot only at targets approved by the club.
  • Do not shoot at targets on the ground.
  • Holsters may only be worn during competitions that require holsters, and only if the shooter has been properly trained  by an instructor in that discipline.
  • No Horseplay!
  • Assume every firearm is loaded until you  PROVE it safe.
  • Eye & ear protection is required while shooting or in close proximity to the shooting stations.
  • Do not distract other shooters in any way when they are preparing to shoot.
  • Obey all range commands that are given by the Range Officer or his/her designate
  • No person impaired by alcohol or drugs shall be permitted to handle or discharge firearms on the club property. Alcohol/drugs are not allowed on the range at any time.
  • When the range is in use, the warning flag at the main gate must be raised ant the RANGE sign must be OPEN.
  • The small range warning flag must be displayed at the firing line while the range is active, and the range warning sign open.
  • When anyone is proceeding ahead of the firing line, all shooting must stop, firearms PROVEd safe, Firearms placed on the table pointed down range with the action open, and the green “range Safe” Flag must be displayed at the firing line. Firearms must not be handled at this time for any reason.
  • Indicate the cleanliness of the range or any damages found on the range sign in sheet. Failure to do so could result in you being blamed for the damage.
  • The use of shotguns firing shot of any size is not allowed on the Handgun/Rifle ranges. Shooting slugs is allowed.
  • DO NOT attach targets to target frames.
  • Remove targets from target frames,  and spent cases from the floor of the range buildings before leaving the range. Do not leave a messy range.
  • Rapid fire of any firearm is not encouraged as this disturbs our neighbors and could result in hitting things other than your target.
  • Muzzle control is also required in the parking lot and while traveling into the parking lot at ALL times as we have others using this facility that may not like guns pointed in their direction. This is also a Criminal Code offense.



These rules are in addition to the above mentioned club rules

  • Assume every firearm is loaded until you PROVE it safe.
  • The action of the firearm must remain open until it is your turn to shoot.
  • DO NOT load your firearm until you are on the shooting pad.
  • Control the muzzle direction at ALL times. UP is the safe direction.
  • Do not use shells larger than 12 Ga., 3 dram Eq. or shot larger than  7-1/2  for trap and #9 for skeet.
  • NO NOT load more than 2 shells for skeet stations #1 - #7 or for trap doubles. DO NOT load more than 1 shell for skeet station #8 or trap singles.
  • CEASE FIRE is in effect when the light on the trap house is on.
  • Eye and ear protection is required while shooting, or in close proximity to the shooting stations.
  • The trap range red warning flag must be displayed while the range is active, and the range warning sign open.
  • The green “range safe” flag must be displayed when all shooting has stopped and firearms have been cleared from the range when anyone is ahead of the firing line.
  • When patterning your shotgun the target frame must be placed so the shot travels parallel to the wooden fence separating the two trap ranges.
  • The red warning flag must be displayed when firing at the target and the green flag when posting/changing targets.
  • Firearms handled in the trap shelter must not be allowed to point at another person under any circumstances.

Click here to download a printable copy of our club rules